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Maternal Mental Health

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Being a mother is a profound experience—for many women, it is one of their greatest joys, but may also bring up feelings like fear, frustration, anger, and sadness at the same time.

We work with women with concerns around:


Struggles with fertility and attempts to conceive often leave women feeling frustrated and helpless. These struggles, which sometimes include the experience of miscarriages, can be times of great sadness and grieving. Our psychologists provide a safe space to work through these feelings.

Perinatal mental health

Pregnancy can be such a challenging experience, both physically and emotionally. Many women find that they are so busy preparing for baby during their pregnancies that they don’t spend much time focusing on themselves and the enormous shift that is about to take place in their lives. Having a place to process these feelings can be incredibly helpful.

Postnatal mental health

Concerns that come up for new mothers often include things like adjusting to their new roles; birth trauma; self care; body image; bonding with baby; and reconnecting with their partners. Being a mother is a balancing act, and becoming a parent can also bring up issues around one’s own childhood. We enjoy helping work through these feelings and navigate their new roles as mothers.

Postpartum depression and anxiety

The reported rate of clinical postpartum depression in the United States is between 10-20%, with postpartum anxiety rates being even higher. Even more so, 70-80% of women in the United States experience, at a minimum, the “baby blues.” The good news is that psychotherapy is considered a first-line treatment for reducing these symptoms. We are here to offer our support, knowledge, and guidance.

Improved maternal health benefits the whole of society.
— Isabella Lovin

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