Westside Psych

Frequently Asked Questions

Is therapy right for me/us?

The simple answer is, if you want to make a change in your life, therapy can help. Therapy can benefit anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.

We have found that while there are a number of factors that make therapy "successful," the most important one is you, the client. It takes courage, commitment, and vulnerability to get the most out of therapy. So if you are ready to learn more about yourself, overcome barriers, develop healthier habits, and improve relationships, we're here for you.

What if I cannot come to your office for sessions?

We know how fast-paced and busy life can get, and we want to support you in receiving mental health care without adding more stress. If you’re across town or are unable to drive to our office, we offer telehealth sessions (i.e., phone and video therapy). In addition, we are able to conduct therapy sessions at the convenience of your home or office, provided there is a quiet, private space for us to work. 

What is a Psy.D.?

Psy.D. stands for “Doctorate in Psychology.” Generally, the most reputable and highest quality doctoral programs in psychology are accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). All of our psychologists at Westside Psych graduated from APA-accredited Psy.D. programs, in addition to having written dissertations, and have completed APA-accredited doctoral internships. Further, all of our psychologists are licensed in the state of California. To become a licensed psychologist, one must participate in a rigorous process which includes multiple examinations and extensive verification of credentials to certify that psychologists are competent.

Do you prescribe medication?

As psychologists, we are not able to prescribe medication. We will of course provide you with referrals to trusted psychiatrists and collaborate with him/her to coordinate your care.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are typically 50 minutes in length. Couples, family, or initial intake appointments may be 75 minutes.

How often do we meet?

Typically, sessions occur once per week. You and your psychologist may decide to increase or decrease the frequency of visits depending on progress and need.

How long will I be in treatment?

Length of treatment depends on the presenting issue and the goals of treatment. Brief treatment might be as short as three to five sessions while longer term therapy might last several years. We will collaborate to determine the length of treatment that is both clinically appropriate and best meets your needs.

Is our work confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. 

What is the difference between talking to you versus talking to a friend or family member?

The therapy relationship is unique. Unlike other relationships in your life, your therapist is an unbiased, objective support who can help you gain new perspective in a way that others who are intricately woven into your life cannot. When you come to therapy, you are taking care of yourself by dedicating time to the task of taking care of you and only you. No need to fear you said too much or worry about your privacy.

I’m ready to get started. Now what?

Please read about our team of psychologists to determine who you might like to work with. To schedule a free consultation with that psychologist, simply click the "Schedule A Free Consultation" button under their photograph. If you are unsure who would be the best fit, fill out our general contact form and we will connect you with one of our psychologists who would be a good match based on your needs. 

What should I expect at our first meeting(s)?

Your first few meetings will give you and your psychologist an opportunity to get to know each other and decide if you are a good fit. You may be asked some questions about your background and goals for therapy. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the therapy process, as well as discuss a plan for treatment. If for some reason you and your psychologist are not the right fit, you will be provided with trusted referrals.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We understand things come up. Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment. You will be charged your full session fee if you do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. 

What if I’m running late to my appointment?

Your appointment time is reserved for you, so as soon as you arrive, we will begin the session and use whatever time is left.