Westside Psych


Westside psych offers a wide array of services including therapy, assessment, consultation, and speaking engagements. 


Westside Psych prides itself on providing comprehensive care and offering an array of therapy, assessment, consultation, and speaking engagement services to meet your needs. Our treatment approach is both evidence-based and holistic.

Please see below for more detailed descriptions of all the services we provide.


Types of Therapy Offered

Individual Therapy

By providing a nonjudgmental space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we will help you develop both insight and tools to more effectively navigate your life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is highly effective as participants get support from peers who are going through similar issues as well as feedback from the psychologist facilitating the group. Therapy groups typically focus on a specific topic and occur on a standing time and day.  


Family Therapy

Family therapy can reduce conflict and distress and improve the quality of interactions among family members. We will help you identify the causes of conflict and will teach you new ways of coping in order to increase mutual respect and appreciation for one another.


Couples Therapy

We support couples working through a variety of issues and can help you to recognize and resolve conflicts and repair your relationship. During couples therapy we will help you to build skills to communicate more effectively, cultivate intimacy, and change problematic patterns so that you can enjoy a more satisfying relationship. 

Child + Adolescent Therapy

As children and adolescents grow, they often experience a myriad of social, emotional, and mood-related challenges. We utilize a range of therapeutic approaches, including art therapy, play therapy, and traditional talk therapy, in order to assist youth with both developing insight into their challenges and learning ways of harnessing their personal strengths.



Psychoeducational +
Psychological Assessment (Child/Adolescent)

Psychological testing for children and adolescents has many uses, including: clarifying diagnoses and presenting issues (e.g., ADHD); acquiring special needs accommodations; and creating treatment plans. Psychological testing may also be required when applying to certain schools. Your assessment process will be tailored to your child’s needs. You will receive comprehensive feedback and recommendations that are realistic and implementable.


Additional Services


Telehealth + Home Visits

We understand that schedules and distance may make it difficult for you to visit our office in person, so we offer two options:

Telehealth: We can hold sessions on Doxy, a secure HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. Doxy works on all popular browsers as well as smartphones using iOS or Android, giving you access to therapy from wherever you are. We can also do phone sessions if video is not possible.

We come to you: We are able to conduct therapy sessions at the convenience of your home or office, provided there is a quiet, private space for us to work. Please inquire to see if this service would fit your needs. 



Speaking Engagements

We provide speaking engagements, workshops, and presentations to a range of organizations for various purposes. Examples of topics include (but are not limited to): mindful eating; sexual assault prevention on college campuses; stress management in the workplace; recovery-oriented care in medical settings; and parenting children with special needs.


We provide a range of consultation services. Consultation areas include (but are not limited to): clinical consultation to other mental and medical health professionals and organizations; education and providing feedback on psychological concepts to writers and producers in the film and TV industry (e.g., script and on-set consultation).