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The entertainment industry is a unique culture that presents with unique challenges. The industry has its own language, its own rhythm, its own set of standards that require a listening ear of someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry. Understanding the landscape of public highs and lows, creative struggles, managing work/life balance, and learning how to navigate the inevitable rollercoaster of your career are important aspects to working with individuals in the industry. 

Often, creatives and executives working in the entertainment field can feel burned out, pulled in a million directions, and experience imposter syndrome in a way that hinders growth and creativity. Additionally, relationships become more strained as you may be on set for extended periods of time or when you are at home, distracted due to a never-ending work flow, making it difficult to stay present with your partner or have time to consider dating. In therapy, we will provide a safe space for you to process feelings, develop more effective coping skills, learn how to advocate for your needs both personally and professionally, improve interpersonal relationships, and feel more balanced in what is an exciting, though highly unpredictable field.

In addition to providing therapy to individuals in the entertainment industry, we also offer psychological consultation. We work with writers, producers, and directors on supporting their vision come to life by providing psychoeducation, giving feedback on material in various stages of development and production, and consulting on character development and backstory. Historically, portrayals of mental health and therapy in television and film have not always been accurately represented. It is incredibly important, for the purpose of destigmatizing mental health concerns and therapy, that scripts are written in a way that highlights the benefit and positive impact of therapy, in addition to what the process actually looks like as media can be significantly influential in this way. It is also imperative that characters who are struggling with a mental health condition have character arcs and behaviors that are realistic. 

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Dr. Traci Bank Cohen

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