Relationship Issues


Find yourself struggling to navigate relationships? You are not alone. Relationships are a major part of what gives life meaning – but are also incredibly complex and challenging.

Identifying relationship issues & patterns

Therapy is an ideal place to work through relationship issues. Examples of ways that therapy can help relationship issues include:

  • Romantic relationship patterns
  • Issues in family relationships
  • Codependency
  • Workplace relationship problems
  • Difficulty finding the right partner
  • Processing the impacts of coming from a background of divorce, trauma, or alcoholism, etc.

Relationship patterns are enduring ways of relating not only to others, but also to one’s self. Often times, people may develop unhelpful behaviors in relationships in an effort to get their true needs and wants met. For example, you may find that you have difficulty being vulnerable, asserting your needs and setting boundaries, or you overly rely on others to the extent that you lose yourself in relationships. You may also find that you experience intense and confusing emotions in your relationships which you do not understand. Therapy helps you develop more insight into the root causes of these relational tendencies, discover how you’d like to engage with others instead, and how you can change your behavior to have more healthy and fulfilling relationships.

“A great relationship is about two things: Appreciating the similarities, and respecting the differences…”


Therapy for Relationship Issues

Treatment of relational problems often involves a focus on dynamics that play out in the context of the relationship between the client and therapist. In therapy, you can “try on” new ways of relating and behaving in relationships. Your therapist will help you translate these skills to your outside relationships. Our therapists are all highly trained in relational dynamics and believe that the therapy relationship is the strongest avenue for change in outside relationships.

Support for Dating

Dating comes with unique challenges and stressors these days. Putting yourself out there virtually can feel daunting, overwhelming, and awkward. Once in the swing of dating, many feel like they struggle to manage the demands of what can feel like a second job – responding to messages on the apps, scheduling dates, and attending date after date which can feel like job interviews. We get the current dating landscape and are here to help you consider ways to implement boundaries, improve how you handle the stress, and consider your goals and objectives. Therapy is also a space for self-reflection which can help you become more aware of patterns in your dating style and ways you may not be conveying what you wish to convey or representing yourself as you wish to represent yourself in the dating world.

Therapists who work with relationship issues

Dr. Candace Burnham

Dr. Annie Garrett

Dr. Michelle Jackson

Dr. Traci Bank Cohen

Dr. Savannah Hamilton

Megan Burford

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