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Couples therapy can help whether you’ve reached a breaking point or are simply trying to find more intimacy before problems begin.

All relationships face conflict and periods of stress.

If you are experiencing confusion and tension in your relationship, are having issues related to sex, intimacy and fidelity, or would like to deepen your connection to your partner, couples counseling might be right for you. We believe that it’s never too late- or to early- to spend some time focusing on improving your relationship.

To make a relationship work it takes a lot of forgiveness and hard work. You can’t just walk away when things get difficult.

With the guidance of one of our experienced couples therapists, you and your partner will learn to communicate openly in a safe environment and begin to uncover the root of the problems you are experiencing. You’ll both be provided with tools, support, guidance and a nonjudgmental space to work through the thoughts, feelings, ongoing issues and challenges that are keeping you stuck, disconnected or in distress. You and your partner will gain a greater awareness and understanding of one another’s role in contributing to conflict in the relationship, and will learn how to respond to one another in new ways that deepen connection. Through couples therapy,  we can help you to begin to heal your trust in your relationship and develop a greater sense of intimacy with your partner.

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